THE XENA E-XINE -- So long, and thanks for all the Fins, Femmes, and Gems-- ISSUE

Volume II, Issue 8 -- June 25, 2001


Today's issue includes:

1. Feature Article -- "Immortality"

2. Xena Quotes/Sappho's Greatest Hit/Xena Joke

3. Featured FanFic and Short Review -- "We're Snowed in, Oh No!" by Red Hope

4. Xena News -- "Saying Farewell" -- Lucy outs Xena!! -- "This is the end, my friend" -- Selected news articles and LL interview on The Finale; Farewell Tributes from Upbeat Mag,; Katherine Fugate interview

5. Featured Xena Links -- Webshots

6. Xena: Warrior Princess Episode Guide -- "Destiny," "The Quest"

7. The Journey of the Hero -- Joe Campbell on Myth-making

8. Feedback


10. Subscribe/Unsubscribe Information

11. Credits

12. Archives


Editor's Note

Dear Readers,

I know there are some of you who have not seen the finale for XWP. If you do not want to know what happens, I'd suggest not reading the featured article or the news section. There are SPOILERS. But please do come back after you've watched the finale and read the rest of the Xine.

On to the Xine.

Lady Adrell


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1) Feature Article


by E. J. Rain


"We Don't Say Goodbye..."

What did we hope to learn about here? Remember the charm of those first three seasons and the almost unrelenting angst of the next three... Six Seasons that flew by like harpies chasing a flying horse. Beauty and beastliness. (Six, the only primary number, si, containing an x, ending, in fact, with that letter as we come to an end, a fallen cross, which began our heroine's imposing this stream of consciousness flows into the dark waters of the river Styx never to partake of Lethe... Lest we forget...) We consigned our wishes for a sixth season to a previous issue (see Xine 16, volume 1). How did we do? Pretty darn well overall.

The Kiss (we actually got that-- finally...more or less; though as Lauren Bacall once breathlessly intoned, "It's even better when you help."), an unambiguous relationship (three steps forward, two steps back, at times, even at this late date, but Soulmates engaged in True Love does not describe simple friendship and I believe we can proclaim both "When Fates Collide" and "Many Happy Returns" as definitive coming out eps), no Jox (can't win 'em all, but brevity is the soul of wit), downplay of christian mythos (thank heavens, they seen da light), maternal acknowledgement by Eve to Gab (close, but no chakram). There was sadly no amazon or other semi-offical bonding ceremony, per se, but partners in every way. We did love Liz Friedman's inclusion of what seemed a nod to Melissa Good in the depiction of their "bond" as almost psychic and empathic in nature in that amazons on the beach paean to "Saving Pvt. Ryan," "To Helicon and Back."

We pretty much got what we'd hoped for. Missy Good was always at the top of that list. (Even before we knew she'd made contact.) And though we missed Missy's take (hopefully she was paid in full) on Sappho (we had for so long longed to see LL in that role as per her remarks to TV Guide wherein she all but rubbed her hands together and salivated at the thought of making Gab the object of her, Sappho's, desires--we hope whoever bought Missy's final version of that long proposed script will share eventually...), Miss Good's second aired episode was an instant desert classic and served to bring the relationship back to the forefront where it belonged and provided some genuine dramatic catalyst for that special chemistry to reignite. A Legacy indeed.

Another opening credits montage where they would've shared split billing on the same 'card' and in a sequence of great two-shots that displayed their evolution together would've been far more fair and fitting for the final season. But we were blessed with a return to heartfelt emotion and fearlessness in the playing. If they'd only carpe damn diem siezed the moment after the revelation of "The Quest," LL as the keeper of the subtext, ROCed along by the dizzying ride, a strong three years might not have been followed by such uneveness. We could've had a real milestone, and an honest appraisal of amazons on our sets (and their set). As it was we had lost opportunities not followed through to an honest dramatic conclusion, we had "read between the lines" double entendre, but at least not obnoxiously teasing as male produced turn-ons usually are. LL and ROC invested their characters with dignity...for most of the series. Things only went to hell, well...after they went to hell. Could it be that one or a few anti-subtext suits at the studio dictated Season Five in order to blackmail them into getting those other Renpic shows on the air, that LL and ROC were ordered to tone down their chemistry (which should be an actionable offense to the actors' union), that "The Way" mess put them on the defensive as a producer was forced to talk out of both sides of his face...and why, then, was the show suddenly 'cancelled' after LL said she was retiring anyway before the cameras even began to roll on Season Six? Punitive damages? Will we ever know the full story? Still, let's be thankful for the return to form we got from the best of this final season: "Legacy," The Ring Cycle Trilogy, "Who's Ghurkan?" "The Abyss," "When Fates Collide," "Many Happy Returns"...

This Kiss (valkyrie awakens the sleeping beauty) came first, but "Buff the Vampire Slayer's" Willow & Tara (even citing the strength of amazons!...was that a blatant homage-to-Xena ref perchance?) were both awake for theirs! And in such a classic hurt/comfort mode too that no studio grinch could deny it. That "Buffy" producer Joss Whedon had the guts and fought for the integrity of the character was admirable; true, Willow is not the lead, but like Gab, she is the second lead and co-star and Buffy's 'best friend'...with a similar charming Gab-like heart and sensitivity. Ah, those Irish lassies. Violence vs. a simple kiss. When did the purveyors of graphic gore win out over love? Even in the UK, Buffy was cited for sexual content, not violence--though it, like Xena, both in Britain and Australia, is seen 'merely' as fantasy for the kiddies.

LL deserved an Emmy or Golden Globe nomination. If Sigourney Weaver can be acknowledged over genre snobbery for her action hero Ripley in "Aliens," or aussie Russell Crowe can win the Big O for a throw-back to Cecil B. DeMille, then Ms. Lawless certainly should've been given due notice by her peers. Not many actresses have ever allowed themselves to be put through what she and ROC went through together for six long, though never long enough for us, years. She is in good company, though, since as fine an actor as Patrick Stewart was snubbed by Emmy for being a syndicated, genre, non american performer. And, now, after the wild worldwide popularity of our Warrior Princess giving a thumbs up to the viability of the strong female action hero, can we even count the coattail riders in her wake...Buffy became a cult hit following hard and fast upon her booted, kick boxing heels and then we have "Dark Angel" who also, like Buffy, has a best friend who just happens to be a lesbian adding a little local color and flavor to Jim Cameron's cyberpunk party mix. And all of the other syndicated action/adventure series shot 'on location,' too numerous and derivitive to name or become involved in, none of which have that ineffable spark, that great epic love story at the heart of it. Would films such as "Gladiator" and "Crouching Tiger..." ever have been made, let alone become Oscar winners and contenders if not for Xena in the zeitgeist? And now Lara Croft, "Tomb Raider," is blasting her way onto the big screen...played by a 'sexually ambiguous' actress. Are we going to have to wait twenty years to see a Xena film (a la "Charlie's Angels" et al)...but if it's done without subtext (hopefully it could be maintext by that time, but the pendulum swings both forwards and backwards) it can never be embraced as the genuine article.

It was all so simple at the start: (and what a brilliant stroke to run "Sins of the Past" so close to the end to remind us of that first fine fearless rapture of a relationship stirring between these two women) when did it begin to slide away from us... One could trace the beginning of the decline all the way back to the cancellation of "Seaquest," Spielberg's Trek: Next Gen rip-off. Maybe we never really got the series we could've had, with R.J. and R.T.'s complete (and consistent) attention to the mythic as well as the human aspects of the backstory, a stronger Liz Friedman involvement, and Steve Sears' subversive subtext, Lucy's dedication to said subtext and Renee's rock-steady supportive playing to the truth of what was going on between the lines. Still, what we got was pretty special, at its best. It was Gabrielle's journey through Xena's eyes, Xena's redemption through Gabrielle's heart. And, perhaps, the best thing it's given us is the fanfic, especially Uber, and a writing career for so many worthy authors that never could've made the contact to get published in the mainstream or underground otherwise, and, also, many of us owe a very personal debt of gratitude to the series, the actresses' creation of such a grand romantic partnership (and epic love story), and the online xenaverse for aiding us in the discovery of our own soulmates.

Things I'll remember and take away from this...

As an actress LL was one of the most generous (with her co-star) that I have ever seen. Quite remarkable really, almost a real-life uber of sorts. To paraphrase the song, she may've walked a step behind, but the one with all the glory was content to let her shine. A Crucifixion scene unprecedented for its depiction of women as ultimate mythic heroes. Willing to die for love...but for the love of each other. (I am reminded of how sf author Harlan Ellison is still pissed at Trek for 'ruining' his original ending to the classic best-loved "Star Trek" award-winning ep "City on the Edge of Forever," wherein he wanted the hero, Kirk, to be willing to destroy the universe for love...something Gab does do without a second thought in WFC.) I'll treasure a special sense of playfullness and of the power of women, of just how much (anything) can be achieved. But...

I won't forgive them for the Artemis-amazons treatment however. We should have seen at least some token amazons presented as unambiguous lesbians, this was ancient Greece afterall. It reminds me of hearing gay playwright and director ("West Side Story," "La Cage aux Folles") Arthur Laurents refer to his own script for "The Turning Point" as being "a lie about sexuality in the ballet" since they wouldn't let him name it. And it was downright bizarre and obstinately intransigent that we never saw Artemis in a series ostensibly about amazons until Xena killed the silent patron of her partner's tribe. I won't forgive Leno and the Tonight show for LL's injury during a stupid p. r. stunt that could've had her end up like Chris Reeve. (Even though it was incorporated seamlessly into the series unlike her pregnancy.) Most of all I will never forgive them the crass and wanton act of thoughtlessness in removing ROC's name from the credits of the cliff-hanger sequel at the beginning of season four. A nasty naughty bit of producer hocus pocus to make us think that they really had killed her off in that leap into the lava pit. Unforgivable. I mourned like Xena because of it, and I am not exaggerating. Sam Raimi, now an A list director ("A Simple Plan," "Spiderman") owes them each a plum film role (and not just a cameo; though it's Ted Raimi who is doomed to become the new Clint Howard). They busted their butts for six long, hard seasons of the kind of toil most actresses would be appalled to even consider. They deserve some industry and peers recognition for that! From "You're not alone," the beginning of one of the most beautiful friendships of all time to...immortality. We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun...

We don't, we won't say goodbye. How could we, how could they? X&G forever.

In that place of constant summer where they'll always be forever young and beautiful...and in love. Arcadia...we wanted them so much to find that for and with each other. Finally...

"The oceans that we crossed

The innocence we lost

The hurting at the end

I'd go there again

'cause it was beautiful"


2) Xena Quotes

Xena to Rhinemaidens in "Return of the Valkyrie":

"It wasn't magic."

(But it sure came close sometimes...)

Last Words...

Xena to Gabrielle in "A Friend in Need":

"Feel the surge of blood under the skin...I want you to know what I know--please. Gabrielle, if I only had thirty seconds to live, this is how I'd want to live them--looking into your eyes. Always remember I love you."


Sappho's Greatest Hit

For all of you who would like to know:

Here is the full Sappho poem/song from which Gab quoted while reading Xena's best birthday gift ever:

He is more than a hero

He is a god in my eyes--

the man who is allowed

to sit beside you--he

who listens intimately

to the sweet murmur

of your voice, the enticing

laughter that makes my own

heart beat fast. If I meet

you suddenly, I can't

speak--my tongue is broken;

a thin flame runs under

my skin; seeing nothing,

hearing only my own ears

drumming, I drip with sweat;

trembling shakes my body

and I turn paler than

dry grass. At such times

death isn't far from me.


Don't Ask/Don't Tell

Ponderable Thought for Today

Could Xena, instead of bearing no relation to persons either living or dead, be based upon Alexander The Great: in this "don't ask, don't tell" present-day climate we should remember that the greatest warrior of all time, ironically, conqueror of the known world, before he was 30, with his partner, was gay. The letters X-e-n-a are all found side by side in his name.


Xena Joke

To Ten Signs You Are Having XWP Withdrawls

10. You awake in cold sweats with "Lalalalalalalalalalala" still ringing in your ears.

9. Your Xena or Gab Halloween costume is now one of your regular choices of clothing.

8. You start barroom brawls just to get the thrill of the teaser.

7. You get the shakes if you haven't watched an episode of Xena in the last 30 minutes.

6. There is no six.

5. You start playing with your Xena & Gabrielle action figures to create your own Xena adventures.

4. You hock everything you own to bid on anything from Draco's hairpiece to Joxer's jockstrap at the official online auction.

3. You keep thinking you're going to wake up and find Gabby in the shower telling you the whole dead Warrior Princess thing was just a bad dream.

2. You purchase the urn with Xena's ashes from the auction and place her on the mantle so you can talk to her when things get tough in life.

1. When you walk in the woods you actually find yourself hoping brigands will attack so you can pick up that nice sturdy tree limb staff and whack the living hades out of them to work off any aggression directed at lying producers who swear they won't kill off your favorite Warrior Princess.


3) Featured Fan Fiction

Reviewed by bacchae2

"We're Snowed in, Oh No!"

By Red Hope

When worlds, alternate timelines, fates, fantasy vs. reality-as-fanfic fantasizing all collide in one big crossover melange reminiscent of Ogami's great alt meets uber classic "Subtext" in which 'the real' Gabrielle switches places with ROC. (Oh, like they haven't done anything that wild on the series--"Send in the Clones," "Soul Possession"--and don't those clones have the same souls too and co-exist now in 'the present' with the re-incarnated Annie and Mattie ubers with Xena now back in her rightful body?! Could make for some kinky fanfic, folks.) In this fun and touching hurt/comfort romp, set during the filming of their final season, good friends Lucy and Renee go hiking in NZ, get lost, and end up walking right through an alternate reality time dimension and into a shared adventure with amazons and their own alter egos...Xena and Gabrielle. Pure fan wish-fulfillment for those of us who persist in obsessing on what a great couple chemistry could transmute into that would-be real-life uber that might have been...and perhaps 'is' some other alternate universe...

I give "We're Snowed in, Oh No!" **** (four) stars.

Star Rating

***** A must read for any Hard Core Nutball!

**** It is well worth your while to read.

*** It's better than getting pinched by Xena.

** Maybe a go-round with Xena isn't a bad idea...

* Cut off the blood flow to my brain now!


4) Xena News

"Saying Farewell"

By Jo Ward

June 24, 2001

I'm going to try and do something that seems impossible to me. I'm going to say farewell to one of the greatest shows of our time, "Xena: Warrior Princess." I don't know how I'll express in mere words my strong emotions for this show and it's characters, but I ask you to come with me while I try.

In 1995 when the show "Xena" first aired, I did not watch it. I, in fact, thought "Xena" was as lame as "Hercules" and not worth my time. I'd heard about the show in the news and in pop culture from the beginning but it wasn't until 1996 that I actually tuned in to watch it. What I saw made me cringe with repulsion. I saw Xena flying about and walking on poles stuck in a wall while she fought with some guy in black leather ("The Furies"). I cringed because my idea of warriors was that of the human sort, not of the superhero, "I'm a god" sort. The effect, in my opinion, was campy, stupid, and beneath me. So I changed the channel vowing never to watch the show again.

I kept that promise for another year or so until I met a woman who loved "Xena" and talked about her and the show quite a bit. I thought if my friend liked "Xena", then maybe there was more to the show than I at first thought. A few nights later I was flipping channels while playing around on the computer (the TV was next to the computer so I could do both) and came across the show. But because I was caught up in what was going on with the computer, I didn't really watch the episode (which turned out to be "When in Rome"). I still wasn't very interested. And so it went through the summer 1998 that still wasn't watching the show.

It wasn't until fall of `98, when I saw a preview for a Hercules episode that caught my attention, did I actually watch a full episode of "Xena". After "Hercules" had ended, I stayed tuned and watched my very first "Xena" episode, "Sacrifice II". The green eyes pleading with blue to forgive her for what she was doing as she hurled herself and her daughter into the pit of lava irrevocably hooked me. The love I saw in Gabrielle´s green eyes, the pain I saw on Xena´s face as she watched the only thing that mattered in her life falling to her death wrenched my heart from its roots and I´ve never been the same since. The show now looked to me one of love and friendship, redemption and forgiveness, a battle of good against evil, and the hero's struggle verses the villain's plight. The effects and campiness became endearing trademarks that I longed to see. Being a fan of Hong Kong films I easily understood the flying and flipping acrobatic style Xena possessed, and I loved it! I had to have more to feed my growing obsession. Connecting myself with the Xenaverse on the Internet opened me not only to the Subtext in the show but also to whom I was and what I wanted. Don't get me wrong, I'd known for quite some time that I was gay but I'd never felt proud or totally comfortable with it. The lesbians I met in the Xena Subtext Talk Club at Yahoo changed my perception of myself and gave me a strength I'd never before known. For the first time I was interacting with women who were not only comfortable with being gay but also proud of it. By their examples, I have grown as a woman. How many other fandoms can attest to changing people for the better?

From the Yahoo club I moved on to the Merwolf Pack. Though a lurker on the mailing list, I gleaned with news and knowledge I could from the posts. It is one of the few mailing lists that have a finger on the pulse of "Xena" and Ren Pics. The mailing list is also where I met my soulmate and wife, Jenn. I'm truly the happiest I've ever been before, and I owe that in no small part to "Xena".

Because of the impact the show has made on thousands around the world, heterosexual or gay, young or old, male or female that makes this television show like no other show in the history of TV. "Xena" has touched people from all walks of life and has come to mean something special for them. Whether it is a symbol of hope, or knowing you're not alone, or seeing a strong woman on TV, or seeing oneself in the characters the show is buried deep in every hard-core fan's heart. And that makes saying farewell all the more painful. How do you say goodbye to a part of yourself? There is no easy way. Despite all the bitching and moaning done over the past 3 seasons by fans about what was wrong with the show, its ending is a much more sorrowful affair. "Xena" broke new ground and plowed a way for shows like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Witchblade", and "Dark Angel", and I for one feel fortunate to have been along for the ride. It is the closing of a chapter in history, one that won't soon be repeated. Though there is comfort in the knowledge that nothing ever truly dies in the Xenaverse. "Xena" movies are always a possibility. And there is the Internet where Xena isn't dead and doesn't get canceled. She and Gabrielle are alive and well and having fun in the FanFic world. We the fans keep Xena alive, and praise the gods for that. Long live the fans, and long live Xena!


Lucy Outs Xena!

Xena the truth can be told...Xena comes out! Newsflash!

Now will all the other Xena skeleton's begin to emerge?! Stay tuned...

From Lucy's June 21st appearance on Conan O'Brien:

"Conan: A lot of people want to know does Xena die in this episode? You can tell us right now, it's very late at night, very few people are watching.

Lucy: Well she does come out.

Conan: She does? She comes out of the closet in this episode?

Lucy: Actually, you know, there was always an element of doubt in my mind, it didn't matter to the way I played the role. So if the audience chose to see it or not, but I saw it for the first time last night and I went home and said to my husband, "you've outted my character."

Conan: Seriously? You mean your character just comes out and says, "Hi, I like the ladies?"

Lucy: I...I just...I can't believe I'm saying this...I didn't run this by anybody, but I don't think there's any doubt in my mind anymore..."


"This is The End, My Friend"

Associated Press article on the finale (this was picked up by The Advocate online and ran in several papers)

ET Interview with Lucy

Xena's "Shocking" Finale

Another great article from Upbeat Mag on the finale

A fabulous alphabetical farewell tribute from A to X-cellent!

"Katherine The Great"

Fascinating, extensive interview with the scenarist of everyone's single favorite ep of the final season, the almost-uber maintext gem "When Fates Collide"


5) Featured Xena Links

Feeling bummed out about the ending, send your fellow xenite a virtual postcard and share your sorrow:



6) Xena: Warrior Princess Episode Guide

by Bacchae2

Episode Thirty-six "Destiny" and Episode Thirty-seven "The Quest"

Ah, could there be two better classic episodes with which to say farewell to the series in remembering what it was at its very best...


The elegant lyrical elegiac beginning to a three part arc that sets the backdrop for much of the tragedy as well as the depth of this love in which they find themselves inextricably bound. In a pivotal role, the suave Karl Urban is superb as Caesar. Sensually written and directed by the star's husband with such memorably teasing dialogue as: "Some enemies are harder than others." "Oh, I count on it." (And they named their son Julius...) The mysterious M'lila's rescue of the woman pirate who appears to steal her heart is matched in 'the present' by Gabrielle, severely wounded, displaying such stalwart bravery in endurance, carrying her gravely ill partner to the snow covered mountains in a, for now, vain attempt to save her life. The music is mystical and moving, almost hynoptic. The first crucifixion. Xena's mangled legs. Caesar's callous betrayal. Which also sets his particular destiny (in this universe or any other) into its inevitable collision course.

Subtext Rating: Embrace your Destiny. The depth of emotion in the grieving Gabrielle's mourning scene is a thing of terrible beauty to behold along with the exquisitely cut montage of floating images (all tender relationship moments from Xena's all too brief past with Gabrielle) flashing before Xena's dying eyes as she hears the extraordinary words of love her bard needs to tell when it appears to be too late. As with the bard herself on her deathbed in "Is There A Doctor In The House"... 'Don't leave me'..."I need you." Could anything more clearly say that these women love each other? (Yes, the next episode.)


"The Quest"

The reports of Xena's death (and imminent immolation) were somewhat exaggerated. If the bard could come back from the other side to rejoin her warrior the least Xena can do is find a way to conquer death itself to return to her bard. Especially now...when they both realize just how much... Bruce Campbell's best performance of the series hands down (which is just where Autolycus should keep them if he knows what's good for him). Equal parts "All of Me," "Ghost," and a romantic beautifully realized story of love and devotion. And along with the internecine amazon politics, the great physical comedy, the stoic widowed bravery of our bard preparing to take the amazon mantle of authority while she mourns the loss of the other half of her's a multi-layered tour de force.

Subtext Rating: "You don't have to say a word." (Exactly.) When Xena says Gabrielle's name it's like a caress. Almost like a fever dream it springs itself on our (and Gabrielle's) senses...The Kiss--when I knew I wasn't imagining it and they weren't kidding with the subtext, that it was really there and really...real. The scene is a bit of a tease, but there's no mistaking the implications. One of the most romantic and seminal (you'll pardon the paternalistic expression) moments in tv history. Iolaus when he pops up in cameo is hardly Gab's soulmate at this point (but we know who is, don't we?), just a friend to whom she entrusts her sorrow and regret at not having spoken of the love she felt for her warrior. That little revivifying nugget of ambrosia, nicely warmed, from Gabby's bosom, the body that Xena inhabited for a breathless spate of moments... And it was very good. "Warm and loving." This is the definitive subtext ep. Ending with a lingering loving two-shot. X&G. Side by side by...sigh.


7) The Journey of the Hero

Joseph Campbell on Mythology: from "The Hero With a Thousand Faces" Princeton Univ. Press, 1949

"The Meeting with the Goddess"

"The ultimate adventure, when all the barriers and ogres have been overcome, is commonly represented as a mystical marriage of the triumphant hero-soul with the Queen Goddess of the World. This is the crisis at the nadir, the zenith, or at the uttermost edge of the earth, at the central point of the cosmos, in the tabernacle of the temple, or within the darkness of the deepest chambers of the heart."

"The Lady of the House of Sleep is a familiar figure in fairy tale and myth. We have already spoken of her, under the forms of Brynhild [or Brunhilde] and little Briar-rose. She is the paragon of all paragons of beauty, the reply to all desire, the bliss-bestowing goal of every hero's earthly and unearthly quest. She is mother, sister, mistress, bride. Whatever in the world has lured, whatever has seemed to promise joy, has been premonitory of her existence--in the deep of sleep, if not in the cities and forests of the world. For she is the incarnation of the promise of perfection, the soul's assurance that, at the conclusion of its exile in a world of organized inadequacies, the bliss that once was known will be known again: the comforting, the nourishing, the 'good' mother--young and beautiful--who was known to us, and even tasted in the remotest past. Time sealed her away, yet she is dwelling still, like one who sleeps in timelessness, at the bottom of the timeless sea."


8) Feedback

From our last issue's featured bard:

"It looks wonderful! Thank you! You all did a great job. I'm going to post the link on the BV list & blow my own horn...can this one be accessed thru your web page?"

--LJ [Maas]

{Ed. The archives are now up to date.}

"Hi again all,

Good job on the Xine as always. Good interview by Ardently with LJ Maas. It's good to see that at least a few of the best fanfic writers out of the very many talented bards in the online Xenaverse have made the jump to professional writer. Enjoyed the Bacchae piece on Terry Moore and Strangers in Paradise and the Willow/Tara comic. Yes, the resemblances between the women on the covers of his SIP comics and a familiar television Warrior Princess and Amazon Queen are unmistakable. Also, Bacchae, enjoyed your subtext episode reviews as always. "Miss Amphipolis" and "Xena Scrolls" both seemed on the overly silly side when I first saw them, but like other season two comedies, they've grown on me since. Yes, indeed, lots of cleverly subersive stuff going on in "Miss Amphipolis", and I am reminded again in my mind of what a shame it was that the producers failed to use Robert "Salmoneous" Trebor in more episodes. "Xena Scrolls" has become my very favorite clip show of the entire series, probably because the tongue-in-cheek uber story of the episode is a lot of fun beyond just the incorporation of clips--plus, this was an instance where the clips were extremely well-chosen, which has not always been the case. Renee O'Connor with whip, cigar, and hat is quite appealing. :)"

--Brian (fluffsterbrian)


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